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Gluten-Free Cupcakes


After many enquiries on whether I make gluten-free cakes I have decided to offer gluten-free

vanilla cupcakes, however only for those

that have a gluten intolerance, not an allergy to gluten.


My kitchen is not gluten-free, there may well be traces of gluten but for added peace of mind I will

ensure that when making gluten-free sponge no other baking will happen

on that day, or the day before, to minimise the risk.


Where are you based?

Blooming Cakes is a home bakery based in Allestree, Derby, UK


Which areas do you serve?

Blooming Cakes is a local business serving the area of Derby, UK

(For larger orders such as weddings, travelling further afield or meeting half way can be considered).


Do you deliver?

Blooming Cakes delivers locally around Derby but may consider travelling

further (up to 20 miles) from Allestree depending on the size of the order (excluding wedding orders)

Collecting your order from my home address is available at a pre arranged time

between the hours 8am - 8pm.

How much is delivery?

Delivery fees range from £2 - £5 depending on distance from Allestree.

(Delivery is free for orders up to 2 miles from Allestree).

Do you post/ship your cakes around the UK?

Unfortunately Blooming Cakes' products are not suitable to post.  After trialing this with varied results I

decided to not continue the posting of my cakes.

Trusting the postal service on how they handled the cakes during transit proved too risky.

How far in advance do I need to order?

In order to secure your preferred date, ordering a Blooming Cakes product should be done as

soon as possible, however I will always try and accommodate last minute orders.

How do I order?

1. Ordering from the Blooming Cakes' website: 

Once you have submitted the order form on the Blooming Cakes website you will

receive a 'Thank you for your Order' email straightaway.  

Please check your junk mail folder for this but if you do not receive this email your order will not have been submitted.  

Please contact me if this is the case.

After you have submitted your form and availability has been checked, I will then confirm your order

within 24-48 hours plus advise on payment methods accepted.

2.  Ordering via email:

If you would like to place an order via email ( please include all the details,

colours, sponge flavour, delivery/collection etc.

3.  Ordering through Social Media - FaceBook, Instagram.

If you already know what you would like to order then please fill in the order form off my website.  

However if you have any questions or if you are just making an enquiry I will be happy to help

or answer any questions you may have. 

How do I pay?

My preferred payment method is a Bank Transfer but will also accept PayPal.  

(Under some circumstances I will accept cash on delivery or collection).

How long do the cakes last?

My cupcakes or cakes are baked to ensure they are fresh for the date you require them, I cannot guarantee the

quality if consumed more than 24-48 hours after the date.

My cakes are made entirely of natural ingredients, therefore do not have the extended shelf

life of shop bought cakes, which will contain additives and preservatives to prolong their life.

Do I need to keep the cakes in the fridge?

The cupcakes/cakes need to be kept at room temperature in a cool dry room and must not be

refrigerated as this can dry out the sponge. 

Are you able to make last minute/same day orders?

Yes I am usually able to accommodate last minute orders.  

Quite often I have received a request whilst in the middle of making an order.

 On these occasions it's easy to add you to the order list!

First of all....let's talk sponge...


After trying out many different vanilla cake recipes over the last few months….I think I have finally found the best recipe for my vanilla cupcakes.


I’ve tried using both baking margarine and real butter.  In my experience baking margarine is okay, yes it may make the sponge light and fluffy but for me

I think the sponge lacks substance and flavour.

Cupcakes made with real butter are far superior in my opinion. For the fat content in cupcake sponge, I’d choose butter every time.


Unlike a light and fluffy sponge, butter based cupcakes have more of a dense texture to them, even when just out the oven.

They are firmer to the touch and when tasted have a rich buttery flavour. I bake the cupcakes until the top is golden which gives a very slight crust,

absolutely delicious when eaten with a layer of buttercream!


A Blooming Cakes Cupcake is a more substantial ‘dessert’ rather than a small light fluffy fairy cake.

(Contact me if you'd like a cupcake to taste test!)

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