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The Blooming Cakes Story


Floral Cupcake Artist 


The Story of  Blooming Cakes


 I'm a trained Primary School teacher with a specialism in Art & Design

but after 23 years in the classroom my career path completely changed

during the 2020 lockdown.....The unexpected birth of Blooming Cakes.

It followed my attempt at making my daughters 18th birthday cake

having never made a big celebration cake before, ever.  All I had was a

cupcake recipe from the internet and a few Russian piping tips.





After that came a growing passion and eagerness to learn the

piping techniques to design and create buttercream flowers.  

I watched endless video tutorials, scoured the internet, learnt which tools and materials were required, then practised, practised and practised.

A lot of cake was consumed and given away during that time!


 I have always had a passion for art and creativity. For many years I

practised acrylic painting and photography alongside my full time job. 

However, since I discovered I could create beautiful flowers from piping buttercream I spent as much time as I possibly could doing just that.  

It wasn't like work, it was immensely therapeutic and calming.

I will always love painting though but for now, the piping bag has become my brush and the cupcake my canvas.

If I could surround myself all day with these cute little portions of sponge,

my delicious fudge-like buttercream and my piping paraphernalia,

I would.....all day, every day.  

When I'm not piping I miss it, when I am piping I'm totally lost in

my buttercream world.

To me, cupcakes are perfect, irresistible little things.  

People love the individuality of the cupcake treat, the decorative

possibilities are endless.  

It's your own little cup of joy. 

You can take it home, even save it for later,

but best of all you don't have to share!


I like to think my cupcakes are tiny, perfect, indulgent works of art.  


I arranged the cupcakes in the shape of an 18 and took hours piping buttercream flowers over them. I was immensely proud of the cake however when I look at it now I can't believe how 'novice' it is.

DB093F89-E2E2-4F4B-935C-FAEE5AFCF670 2.JPEG



Blooming Cakes has a 5* rating from the Food Standards Agency













Blooming Cakes also holds a

Food Hygiene and Safety Certificate for Catering

food-hygiene-Rating 5_a_preview.jpeg
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