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The Workshops...

The Workshops

"An Introduction to Buttercream Floral Piping - Taster Session"

​​"Buttercream Floral Piping - Beginner Level"


​​"Buttercream Floral Piping - Intermediate Level - Class 1"

​​"Buttercream Floral Piping - Intermediate Level - Class 2"

"Buttercream Floral Piping - Advanced Level"

"Piping Buttercream Cactus - Mini Garden"

Seasonal workshops such as Christmas, Valentine's Theme/Easter/Spring etc.

An Introduction to Buttercream Floral Piping - Taster Session is approx 90 minutes long

Main workshops last about 2.5/3 hours

All tools and materials are provided including vanilla cupcakes boxed, buttercream, 

all the equipment needed plus an information leaflet to take away with details of what

was taught, tip numbers, colours used, buttercream and cupcake recipes and much more.

Introduction Taster Sessions - £38 pp (full payment upon booking) 

Main Workshops are £65 per person

Cactus Garden Workshop - £65 per person

(To secure a place a £35 deposit is required with the final balance of £30

due two days before the date of the workshop)


An Introduction to Buttercream Floral Piping

Taster Session Workshop

£38 pp


This workshop is suitable for:

  • Complete beginners, maybe you’ve never done anything like piping buttercream before but it sounds fun!

  • Maybe you want to attend a main workshop but are not very confident and think you might not be able to do it. You want to have a go and see.

  • For children 8 years and over, maybe for a birthday treat with a friend?



The Workshop:

  • A maximum number of six will attend. 

  • There will be 6 cakes for you to decorate in 3 designs using 4 of the most popular piping tips.  

  • The workshop will last about 90 minutes, just a taster to see what buttercream floral piping is all about!


The “Introduction Taster Session Workshop” will be £38pp


You may then want to book onto one of the main workshops.  


There will also be the opportunity to purchase a Starter Kit which will contain the piping tips used, colours, a palette knife, piping bags, a flower nail, a coupler, an apron and a hairnet plus a leaflet which will have information on what we did in the workshop, the tools and materials used plus recipes and much more.

Starter Kits - £30 each

Buttercream Floral Piping - Beginner Level"

£65 pp

Specifically for beginners, those who haven't piped with buttercream before

or haven't for a long time.  Also those who have attended the Taster Session previously

and would like more practice in a full workshop.

In this workshop we learn about buttercream, best consistency,

recipes, how to use piping bags etc. 

Using colourings, the best brands for making natural shades.

We practise using some of the most common piping nozzles.  

We learn the techniques to pipe 4 different flowers onto vanilla cupcakes in

pastel shades of buttercream.

During this workshop there's the opportunity to purchase a Beginners Kit containing everything

we used in the workshop so you can continue practising at home.

Beginner Kits - £30 each

"Buttercream Floral Piping - Intermediate Level - Class 1 & 2"

£65 pp 

These Intermediate Workshops teach how to pipe 4 intricate flowers that are a little more complex to create.

 Some experience would be ideal but I demonstrate and advise throughout the workshop.

Class 1 - (Yellows/Purples) - Petal Roses, Sunflowers, Scabiosa, Daisies

Class 2 - (Dusky Pinks) - Hellebores, Gerbera Daisies, Pink tipped Roses, Chrysanthemums



"Buttercream Floral Piping - Advanced Level"

£65 pp

In the Advanced Workshop I teach the techniques to create 4 complex and intricate flowers and that

use more than two piping nozzles per cupcake.

 Some experience using piping tips and buttercream is advised.

We learn how to create Hyacinths, Blossom, grass, open Peonies, Rose Buds, Anemones 


"Piping Buttercream Cactus - All Levels"

£65 pp

In this Cactus Workshop we create a ‘Cactus Garden’ to display your cupcake creations.

We will be using piping bags and will learn about buttercream, best consistency, recipes etc.

We'll use colourings, learn about the best brands for making the natural shades for cacti.

We practise the techniques for 5 different cacti, piping onto vanilla cupcakes.  


If you'd like to book onto any of the workshops please email me here:

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