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About the Workshops


After having almost weekly enquiries on whether I held classes to teach floral buttercream piping, I decided to start planning some workshops where I could maybe demo to one or two people at my house.


I then progressed to running them in a local cafe in 2021.  

Then once I began trading from The 1924 Building in Belper I started to hold all the workshops from there.

From March 2024 I will be relocating to De Bradelei Mill Shopping Village so all workshops will be run from the Mill, in a fabulous space upstairs.

I find it immensely enjoyable and fascinating watching others try the skill.  

After lots of practice, creating designs and learning the piping techniques for each flower, to be able to pass on my knowledge and teach the skill is something I really enjoy.

I try to make the workshops fun and lighthearted, there's no pressure to make things perfect, nothing in nature is perfect anyway.  It's all about having a go and learning some of the techniques along the way.  


Many times people have commented on how therapeutic it is.  

One lady said how good it was to come for the afternoon and do something unique and different after working all week in a busy and stressful environment.  It's the perfect way to de-stress.

I'm thrilled when people attend my workshops who have never even picked up a piping bag before.  So many times someone will say I'll be no good at this before they start, but then produce some truly wonderful work, even they seem surprised with what they have created!  

At the end of the workshops all the boxes are displayed together and everyone remarks on how good

they ALL are.

We are all little artists even if we don't see it ourselves...

If you'd like to book onto any of the workshops please email me here:

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